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Established in 1994, IHRA is a not-for-profit professional trade association of multiple-line, field sales professionals servicing the home, housewares, gourmet, giftware, consumer electronics & hardware industries in the Americas and many International markets.  Its primary purposes are to bring together its members and manufacturers seeking perfomance-proven sales agencies - and to promote, protect and improve the field sales professional function.

Looking for performance-proven, multiple-line, field sales professionals? Find them quickly, easily and cost-effectively with IHRA's unique services. IHRA is your association, the voice of the field sales professional in the home, housewares, gourmet and hardware industries.
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If you have never belonged to IHRA, here is an opportunity to join for at least 50% off our regular dues.
Special Legal Services for IHRA Members
IHRA Rep and Manufacturer Members receive a free 20 minute consultation from IHRA's legal counsel, Schoenberg Finkel Newman & Rosenberg, LLC. SFNR has over 70 years of experience in rep/manufacturer relations, knows the law and the practical aspects of representing independent sales representatives and their principals.
The Benefits of Outsourcing Field Sales
A better-than-ever response to: "Why are multiple-line, field sales professionals the best way to bring products to market?"
Upgraded Benefit of Manufacturer Membership:
Manufacturer Members can run an UNLIMITED NUMBER of Manufacturer Seeking Represenatives (HOT Lines) to fill representative needs - and - receive UNLIMITED eLocators (member lists), as requested.
Articles on Rep Issues
Our law firm, Schoenberg Finkel Newman & Rosenberg, LLC, have published and presented a diverse collection of articles on topics of interest to both independent sales representatives and manufacturers. These articles cover sales rep law issues, including past due commissions collections, drafting proper contracts, contract interpretation, business succession plans, product liability, bankruptcy of a principal, etc. In many instances, these articles feature actual legal controversies where the law firm has represented sales representatives. They have been grouped in general categories, along with a brief synopsis of each article.
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Rep Protection Law Summaries Now on IHRA Web Site
Rep commission protection laws are now on the books in 36 states and Puerto Rico. Check for your state's law!
Contract Guidelines
IHRA makes available its "Guidelines for Negotiating an Agreement between Sales Representatives and Manufacturers." Download a PDF version at NO CHARGE.
IHRA Board of Directors for 2016
Here is IHRA's Board of Directors for 2016